IRS Audit Support

St George IRS AuditReceiving a notice from the IRS that your tax return or returns for specific tax years have been selected for examination can be very unsettling and put your life in a state of turmoil. Providing the requested documents and working through the pages of inquiries from the IRS can be overwhelming. The tax compliance officer that is performing the audit is looking for specific items and will accept any information from the taxpayer which could expand the scope of the audit to other areas or tax years.

We can represent you in all phases of the examination and can accompany you to the interview, if required. We will look after your interests and provide the assistance to the examiner to move the process along as quickly as possible. At the conclusion of the audit, we will advise you on the findings, whether to accept the results, challenge any conclusions with the examiner, set up an installment agreement or appeal the results to the Appeals Office for further review.

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