FREE IRS Tax Help Webinar: Liens, Levies, Garnishments

Oct. 21, 2014
3:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time)
Estimated Duration: 1 hr

Do you have IRS problems? Are you being threatened with wage garnishments and levies? Have you recently received a tax delinquency notice? We are here to help and the best part is there is NO obligation on your part. Register for our FREE 1 hour tax seminar and ask our tax experts your questions.


  • A tax lien is a lien filed by the IRS that applies to all property currently owned by the taxpayer and will be owned by the taxpayer.
  • The lien is filed by the IRS to protect their interests
  • It is the right of taxpayer to have a hearing before the tax lien is filed.
  • It is hard to get a lien released.
  • It is a collection tool used by the IRS to collect past due taxes.


  • A levy is a tool used by the IRS to seize assets in the collection process.
  • The levy can be attached to wages, salaries, social security benefits, bank accounts, insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc.
  • The assets are usually liquid in nature and are easily attached.
  • A levy can be readily released under certain circumstances.
  • They can be a real hassle.


  • Levies filed on wages or salaries or other funds.
  • Garnishments on a pay check can cause severe hardship in most cases.
  • They can be released.
  • They are easy to file by the IRS and are used extensively in the collection process.
  • All the above tools can be avoided and it is best to prevent the attachment of levies and liens to try to get them released and withdrawn,

What to expect:
Tax expert, Gordon Palmer is an enrolled agent with the IRS and fellow with National Tax Practice Institute and will be answering question from attendees on what they need to know and what they need to do specific to their situation. It will not only be a good opportunity to learn what you need to do to resolve your current tax problem, but also learn what is working from our other attendees.

The webinar is on October 21, 2014 at 3:00 PM MST. Make sure you RSVP by filling out the reservation form to the right. We look forward to helping you STOP THE IRS!

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