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Collections The IRS uses various tools to collect delinquent tax debt. The most common is the levy, which the IRS can place on a bank account, wages, salary, accounts receivable, or even a retirement account. These can be very disruptive and cause financial hard ships. It is better to address the tax debt before the […]

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Audits and Exams

Audits or Exams When the tax return has been selected for an exam or audit, the process can be overwhelming and frustrating. The auditor will try to intimidate the taxpayer and it seems they are trained to do that. A tax professional experienced in supporting an audit can be a valuable resource as you work […]

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Offer in Compromise Program

Offer in Compromise Program The Internal Revenue Service’s Offer in Compromise is the program where the taxpayer can settle his tax debt for cents on the dollar. The majority of the applications for the Offer in Compromise are declined. The application for an Offer in Compromise is quite complex to complete and requires a substantial […]

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IRS Notices

Notices from the Internal Revenue Service The IRS communicates with taxpayers through the mail. They do not use email. The notices will vary from minor information correspondences to a notification that the IRS wants to seize your assets or your tax return has been selected for an exam. The notices should not be ignored. Be […]

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